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Dear all,

just yesterday I'm incurred in the problem with my Macbook Pro (late 2006) and his Ati X1600 and I'm quite disappointed because the Apple assistance center told me that I have to replace the logic board for 740 €.

Given this I've looked for a solution and I think that the best and most incisive way is to open a class action against Apple. In fact there are some law firms that always look for new possible class action as they caoul gain a lot of money pursuing them.

I've looked over the web and I've found the "Hagens Berman LLP" that is specialized in this kind of cases. In particulard they've done another class action against the Apple ipod Nano and they're doing a class action against the iPhone 4. So I think they're quite "in the mood" for this kind of stuffs.

This is their website and it is possible to tell them about our claim (there is a button on the left):

I haven't written them anything because I'm Italian and I don't think they could handle my case... but you could tell them.

What do you think?

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Hi, welcome to the site - Sorry for the late reply... have been away. Not sure that we can do any more on this issue as it's quite old now but i'm always willing to give it a go - still very disapointed in the Apple product! Will look into the site link you've provided and get back to you.



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