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Reply Denise Clark
6:33 PM on April 9, 2010 
Hi Mimmi
Re my MacBook Pro
macbook pro   Mac OS X (10.6.2)   2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo 2GB DDR2 SDRAM  

My MacBook pro's graphics card/motherboard died after an upgrade of RAM  a new battery and loading on of the Snow Leopard box set at an approved Apple repairer/retailer. When I took it in it was running perfectly.  I took it back to the repairer quickly, they said it was not anything they had done that had caused my motherboard to fail.
My MacBook Pro is three and a half years old and 6 months out of guarantee because I purchased the 'Apple care'. 
I feel for a top of the range product to collapse so prematurely early, is appalling.
I had a brand new motherboard fitted and while under heat testing it failed!!! There was a 
fault with it? Or as many people have noted on the Apple website forum ( "display anomalies") heat destroys the motherboard! Also after adding snow leopard the motherboard fails, or a combination of the two, or many other causes! 
This means that the MacBook pro I purchased in August 2006 is not fit for the purpose it was designed for. The United Kingdom consumer law says-  
 Faulty goods and sale of goods act 1979 (as amended).
states that when a consumer buys goods from a trader they must be: of a satisfactory quality; and fit for any purpose made known at the time of sale to the seller. 
This legislation also states that the seller not the manufacturer, is legally obliged to sort out a problem if the goods do not meet these requirements.
The law also says I have six years from the date of purchase to claim
damages for faulty goods.

I got this information from the citezens advice website. 
Not only do I have to pay for a new mother board but the apple customer service person Allan Couttes has been rude and derisory toward me, unhelpful and has made my experience with my MacBook much much worse. 
I am so dissappointed in Apple for not owning up to this problem, there have been 690 posts on the apple disscussion website forum ("display anomalies") to date, complaining of the same thing! Many of those people including myself have had some of our posts taken off because we are drawing attention to Apple being unhelpful and looking the other way over this matter! Not very democratic of Apple!
I have spent the last 3 and a half years promoting apple because I was so pleased with my laptop, which by the way has only been taken out of the house twice in all that time. I have never banged or dropped it! and have always used a proper laptop griffin stand to keep it cool and treated it with respect.   
I'm so so dissappointed in apple as a company for no support over this.
Please, please get some decent customer service people into your company! And compensate where due!
I have been in contact with the TV programe Watchdog over this issue. The daily papers will be next on my list after the comming election. 
I'm sorry I have been driven to these measures to get compensation and an acknowledgement from Apple that there is a serious problem with the early Macbook Pro that cannot be rectified by replacing the motherboard at exhorbitant cost. 
Denise Clark  
Reply Denise Clark
6:28 PM on April 9, 2010 
Hi there, I wanted to phone you but couldn't find a phone number. I have a really good story about the computer/software company Apple. There is another different serious problem on the MacBook pro laptop, with the graphics card, (they have had graphics card problem with a later model laptop which they did address, eventualy) which means a new motherboard , very expensive! This is happening prematurely. This does not fix the problem, it just recurrs quickly. Apple are fobbing off many of us, (I've counted 100 people.) there could be many more of course as time progresses, or others that have just given up and bought a new computer.  Apple are trying to hush it up, they take off some of our relevent posts from the disscussion on this subject, on their website. Redirect new people with the same problem to another area so they are unaware of the many others of us! (Topic "display anomalies" in forum). Please look at this forum and the new website just formed for us to comunicate,  and includes all links to all the online info showing how serious this is.
Denise Clark 
Reply Denise Clark
5:25 PM on April 9, 2010 
Hello Ms. Clark,

Thank you for your email to Apple. Your correspondence concerns an issue that we feel would be best handled in a phone conversation. Unfortunately, your phone number was not included in your email. If you have not yet resolved the issue, please contact me at the free phone number below from a landline, Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm (GMT), or you may send me an email including your telephone number and a preferred time of contact. Please also include the serial number of your computer in your email reply or have it handy upon calling me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

(this is the reply to my email of last night. This arrived this morning. )
Reply Denise Clark
3:26 AM on April 4, 2010 
I have photos of my MacBook screen also, but , although they are on my phone I don't think I can upload them to this site. I will when I get my mbp back!
Reply Denise Clark
3:23 AM on April 4, 2010 
Fantastic work John !!! You put this all together so quickly!
I'm unable to upload a photo or edit my profile, I think because I'm on my phone, hopefully get my MacBook back in a week or so .....
Reply John
2:54 AM on April 4, 2010 
Hi welcome Denise,
Lets see where this gets us... by the way, there are some other photos in the Photos page, about the last 10 images, that were not in that ZIP i sent you.
I'll post this address on the Apple forum too... if it sticks!?!
Cheers, John