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This site has been created to offer an alternative resource to the Apple Discussion Forum for people who have purchased one of the early MacBook Pro's that exhibits display anomalies, and/or has other issues regarding product quality and customer satisfaction. The Apple forum is, obviously, monitored by Apple and there have been many occasions when customer posts have been deleted.

The models effected have the ATI X1600 GPU, and are first generation Intel Macs. Most commonly the early MacBook Pro's from 2006, which is the focus of this group, but may include the early iMacs as well?

Here customers owning one of these machines can discuss and highlight exactly what the issue(s) and problem(s) are, what means are available to minimize the effects and if possible prolong the prematurely truncated life of the machine. Discuss how and why we think these machines seem to be dying prematurely, and collectively explore options available for recognition of the issue and compensation.

This is my story, a typical scenario but is exactly what many other have or are experiencing.

If you have a machine that sounds like it falls into this 'pit' then please join this group by becoming a member and by contributing your story, experiences and insights.

I'm sorry this site has not been kept up to date for a while, my MBP is long dead... and i just don't have inclination or time any more... but if any thing new gets added it will be in the News section...or as a post in the forums...



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