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Denise Clark
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just to update you all on the lack of response from Apple! I have heard nothing  since my last phone call with the Excec Relations woman at Apple, she did not repond to my email.

I have sent my complaint to another consumer org in the UK,  CONSUMER DIRECT here is my letter.

I have a faulty graphics card on my Apple Mac Book Pro laptop.This is a top of the range product , it cost me £1,500, I purchased it from the Apple store in Regent St. London. I feel the graphics card has failed prematurely. I think this product should have lasted much much longer. Please look at the website www.macbook-pro-issues.webs/  this has all the relevent information and shows what a widespread fault this is.

Many other people worldwide have this problem also. I have just replaced the motherboard, it cost £350, this would have been £600 if I had had to pay for labour, I had this repair carried out at an approved Apple repairer, (the graphics card is attatched to the mother board so you need to replace both).My macbook is 3 and a half years old, and 6 months out of warrenty (I paid £200  for the extra 3rd year of that warrenty). From many other people's experience, replacing the motherboard does not fix the problem, the graphics card just fails again and again.

I did not get helpful service from the initial customer service at Apple, I tried to find a name and address of the UK managing director so I could write, my email requesting this name was passed to Apple Executive Relations, she contacted me straight away. Apple Executive Relations,seemed very helpful and almost said she was sure Apple would reimburse me, she rang me a day later,she then said that on the 'system' there is no evidence that I had a graphics card problem! that telephone conversation was April 20th, she said she would look into it again the next day, i have not heard from her again, I emailed her to chase her up on it a week after this conversation, that was about 2 weeks ago now and still have not heard back from her. I do have the computer generated job sheet from the approved Apple repairer, the bench manager there has checked the 'system' and the record of my faulty graphics card IS on it! So I still don't have the UK Apple Managing Director and address to write to, I have tried in vain to find it on the web.  I appreciate your advice on what to do next .

In reality Apple realise there is a big fault with this model, and similar to a later model fault, which after 2 years of consumers complaints Apple owned up to.

Many thanks.

9 May 2010




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