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I just did, you all should as well please!

My "complaint", taken from various sources , feel free to use it, we all have the same issue!

Info detailed here:


and here:


Defects in the Late 2006 Intel iMac/MacBook Pro with ATI X1600 graphics chip.


The defect causes the following symptoms:

* System shuts down unexpectedly.

* System display freezes, preventing any input.

* Horizontal black/multi-colored lines appear over the desktop or app windows.

* Various colored squares/triangles appear over the desktop or app windows.

* Random colored pixels appear over the desktop or app windows.

* Squares displaying parts of other app windows appear over the front app window.

* Tearing or fragmented app window displayed when scrolling.


These symptoms usually appear after the one-year warranty period has expired.


Heat is a contributing factor. As the internal temperature of the system rises, there's an increased chance that these symptoms may appear, even though the temperature isn't unusually high. Symptoms start to appear as the GPU temperature approaches 50C/122F. This heat issue is actually very serious, some computers have actually failed and broken.


I can no longer upgrade my machine's operating system. I tried to update to Snow Leopard and the glitches were just too much to take I had to downgrade again. (even though technical specs say I should be able to upgrade), rendering machine virtually usesless. I am a designer, I invested in this computer to do all my daily design work, and now I can't even rely on my computer to stay on, render correctly, and no longer update to the newest software I need to stay up to speed with the growing industry!

Many users who are experiencing these symptoms have resorted to installing a third-party fan control application to increase the internal fan speeds. This workaround may relieve the symptoms temporarily for some users, but does not actually fix the core defect in the hardware (logic board) that causes the symptoms. Increasing fan speed is not an acceptable long-term solution.


We ask that Apple Inc. do right by their loyal customers and directly resolve this matter by issuing a product recall and making the appropriate repairs free of charge.


Apple has acknowlegded a similar issue with the Nvidia chip which has been resolved. Why not our issue?



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Also filed thru

with the option for a lawyer to contact me about a class-action lawsuit.

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Reply from

Your complaint has been selected for publication on our site and will appear within the next 48 hours.


Even if you are not able to achieve satisfaction individually, you willat least have the comfort of knowing that thousands of consumers willsee your complaint, perhaps enabling them to avoid a similarmisfortune. Also, our site is visited regularly by law enforcementagencies, local and national media and consumer organizations and wework closely with all of them to help identify consumer concerns.

Thanks again. We appreciate your sharing your experience with us.


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Thanks Jacque! May be everyone can follow up and post onto these sites, i certainly will!!!

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Denise Clark
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I'd like to file my complaint here, I don't have all Apple details, address and phone number etc. does anyone have these all at hand easily. I have regent Street in England but it probably should be head office. thanks everyone!


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Denise Clark
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it's OK I found it, I've made my complaint. D

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